Top 10 AEPS Service Provider Company List in India

“Explore the top 10 AEPS service providers revolutionizing banking accessibility in India. Discover industry leaders like Cashless India, NSDL Payment Banks, and more, offering seamless Aadhar-enabled payment solutions. Learn about the significant impact of AEPS on financial inclusion and find the best AEPS services tailored to your needs. Access the latest information on Cashless India at

Introduction: AEPS, or Aadhar-enabled payment system, is a revolutionary payment mechanism introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It empowers Aadhar cardholders to conduct various banking transactions seamlessly, such as cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and mini statements, through their Aadhar-linked bank accounts.

Purpose of AEPS: The primary goal behind the inception of AEPS services in India is to bring basic banking facilities to every corner of the nation, especially in areas where traditional banks and ATMs face operational challenges due to high costs and limited population density. Additionally, AEPS plays a crucial role in ensuring financial inclusivity by facilitating the disbursement of government-allocated funds to the rightful citizens under various schemes and policies.

Top 10 AEPS Service Providers company list in India

Here are Top 10 AEPS Service Providers in India in 2024

Top 10 AEPS Service Provider Company List in India

1. Cashless India

  1. Offers a lucrative 13+2.5 rupees commission on every AEPS transaction.
  2. Provides a free Retailer ID and a user-friendly dashboard with income tracking and transaction volume insights.
  3. Also Assists distributors and Provide white-label partners, Banking Api with effective Price and 24×7 Hour support.

2. NSDL Payment Banks:

  1. Known for speedy AEPS transactions and minimal downtime.
  2. A Mumbai-based company with nationwide operations.

3. Fino Bank

  1. Renowned FinTech company specializing in microfinance, MSMEs, credit, and banking facilities.
  2. Strong distributor portal for AEPS with robust support and technical assistance.

4. Spice Money

  1. Leading rural fintech company empowering merchants with AEPS portal access.
  2. Offers a cost-effective model with attractive market commissions.

5. Paynearby

  1. Largest player in the segment, providing a comprehensive network of AEPS services.
  2. Offers 25+ additional services along with AEPS.

6. Paytm AEPS

  1. Well-known FinTech giant venturing into AEPS with a user-friendly portal.
  2. Despite being relatively new, it has gained popularity for its ease of use.

7. SkyPay

  1. A FinTech player with a strong market presence due to effective marketing and industry understanding.
  2. Recognized for providing reliable AEPS services.

8. Bankit

  1. Mobile banking application offering multiple services with a user-friendly AEPS portal.
  2. Simplifies banking processes with a convenient click.

9. Ezulix

  1. A rising name in the industry employing aggressive marketing and network building.
  2. Gradually building a user base in the AEPS segment.

10. Ezeepay

  1. Emerging AEPS portal delivering value and meeting partner requirements.
  2. Showcasing consistent growth and innovation in the AEPS space.
  3. Known for speedy AEPS transactions and minimal downtime.

Recommendation: While all the mentioned companies offer valuable AEPS services, Cashless India stands out for providing Free AEPS Agent Registration and maintaining an advanced portal with frequent updates. Cashless India ensures world-class service, making it a recommended choice for those seeking a seamless AEPS experience.

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What is AEPS, and how does it work?

AEPS, or Aadhar-enabled payment system, is a payment mechanism initiated by NPCI. It allows Aadhar cardholders to conduct various banking transactions through their Aadhar-linked bank accounts, including cash withdrawals and balance inquiries.

What are the additional benefits of AEPS services?

AEPS services offer additional benefits such as lucrative commissions for transactions, user-friendly interfaces, and marketing support for associated distributors and partners.

Which companies are considered the top AEPS service providers in India?

The top 10 AEPS service providers is Cashless India, NSDL Payment Banks, Fino Bank, Spice Money, Paynearby, Paytm AEPS, RapiPay, Bankit, Ezulix, and Ezeepay.

How can agent access Cashless India’s AEPS services?

agent can access Cashless India’s AEPS services through their website, benefiting from its industry-best app and various features aimed at enhancing the user experience.

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